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Hello! My name is Catherine.

I'm a Software Engineer based in Montreal, Canada. I recently built River. River is a drop-in real-time service for web applications. It is cloud-native, easy to deploy, and ready to scale. If you want to learn more, have a look at our case study.

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More About Me

I like building things. I find building abstract things even more exciting because the sky is the limit.

I have multiple years of experience in both the Ruby and JavaScript ecosystems.

I have worked on the frontend with React/Redux and vanilla JavaScript, and on the backend with Rails, Sinatra and Node.js. I like to play all over the stack, but have more experience in the backend.

I'm comfortable with AWS (mainly EC2, ECS, Fargate, Lambda, and ElastiCache) and Docker.

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Recent Projects


River is a drop-in real-time service for web applications. It provides an easy-to-deploy and ready-to-scale solution for existing applications with real-time needs.

For the application developer, River abstracts away the complexity of setting up a resilient infrastructure and removes the hassle of managing WebSocket connections. It allows backend services to publish events and makes these events available to web clients in real-time.

Read more about the project: Case Study

Try it out: River

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